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Mixed Reality Dev Days

The Mixed Reality Dev Days, hosted by Microsoft, was a highly anticipated hackathon event for developers to display new ideas using Microsoft’s cutting-edge Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK). Microsoft teamed up with September Works to design a visually striking website to embody the futuristic theme of the event, and White Rabbit Group assisted in bringing their vision to life.

We partnered with September Works, a talented experience design studio based in Seattle, Washington. Can’t say enough great things about them, we highly recommend checking their studio out!


Direct2Care stands at the forefront of virtual healthcare, offering a telehealth app that simplifies access to healthcare providers for families and individuals. Available on Android and iOS, their app is designed for ease of access and convenience.

Our goal was twofold: firstly, to facilitate their transition from the previous development agency's reactive feature-first five-alarm fire process to organized sprints, and secondly to foster a collaborative atmosphere to brainstorm ways to scale their platform so that more business resources could be spent on marketing and sales, and less on administration and bugs. This approach aimed to tackle their product backlog, sprint by sprint, creating a product roadmap that would take this innovative healthcare solution to the next level.

The Game Awards

This project was an opportunity for us to be a part of something special. The Game Awards celebrates the hard work of game development companies by putting them in the spotlight. We wanted to make sure the website was just as impressive.

Our goal was to update the website with the latest trends while also ensuring it was accessible and able to handle high traffic. By working closely with the Game Awards team and OnRepeat Studio, we were able to bring the website to life. We are confident that the end result exceeded expectations and left a lasting impression on the audience.


With a focus on family and community, Sodlawn has proudly served the California area for over 40 years. Today, their main focus as a company is providing the highest quality sod, direct for residential and commercial use. They have an amazing network of professionals that deliver sod curbside directly to your home or project and even install it for you! Online ordering also adds the convenience of sod delivery within weeks.


Instacart is shaking up the grocery industry with their mobile app that allows people to purchase groceries directly from their favorite stores using their phone or tablet. Once your order is placed, their shoppers get to work and conveniently deliver your groceries to your doorstep. Their mission is to create a world where everyone has access to the food they love and more time to enjoy it together.


Over the last several years, White Rabbit Group has built a reputation within FedEx for being a reliable company to send their clients to for API development. More notably, we work with the Cross Border team for launching their clients globally on Shopify. FedEx Cross Border is a platform that helps their clients process and ship orders internationally. It’s a fast, secure, and simple e-commerce technology that creates a more localized online checkout experience for their international customers.

Plymouth Leadership College

Plymouth Leadership College (PLC) is an established college offering Christian related degrees and courses in over 90 countries. With minimal online presence, their instructors were frequently traveling around the world to serve students exclusively on-site. While this fostered a great learning experience and built a global reputation for PLC, their approach limited the college's reach and put a major strain on their instructor’s family lives.


Founded in the Pacific Northwest of Portland, Oregon in 2009, Shwood is the originator of wooden sunglasses. Through a collaborative project with a Partner, White Rabbit Group was tasked with building out a custom micro web app for processing their prescription (Rx) orders for glasses. All built on Shopify!


Volkswagen Global Shared Procurement System (VGSPS) is a system used to manage its procurement process currently outsourced to different vendors. The system is completely custom built and automated for high user-availability. The ability to import older procurement details, reports and analyses was also incorporated.


Firestorm is one of the nation's leading private companies for forestry and emergency disaster services. White Rabbit was approached by Firestorm in 2014 to build a software solution for their Human Resources team. They needed a streamlined internal EMS (Employee Management System) to manage their 250+ employees during the fire season and handle the intake of new hire applicants each year.

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