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Plymouth Leadership College (PLC) is an established college offering Christian related degrees and courses in over 90 countries. With minimal online presence, their instructors were frequently traveling around the world to serve students exclusively on-site. While this fostered a great learning experience and built a global reputation for PLC, their approach limited the college's reach and put a major strain on their instructor’s family lives. In 2017, PLC decided they needed to find an online Learning Management System (LMS) to better serve their instructors and students moving forward. The problem was none of the existing LMS platforms allowed the kind of flexibility and management capabilities or the online accreditation PLC needed. They soon discovered that a custom solution tailored specifically for their curriculum, faculty, and students is what they needed.


In 2017, PLC chose to engage the project with one of our Partners. Months into the project, our Partner’s previous development partner missed critical project milestones, significantly delaying the launch of the platform. When the build was finally delivered, the application was unstable and riddled with bugs. It was a dire situation and they needed a solution, fast. Once our Partner realized the severity of the situation, they reached out to us for help.

The Objectives

  • Salvage the existing build and produce results as fast as possible so that our Partner could maintain the project and rebuild trust with the client.
  • Dive head-first into the previous team’s code, fix all the bugs, and build out all the missing/broken functionality.
  • Ensure that our Partner delivered on what they had promised to their client and over-deliver on results and communication if possible.

Our Proposal

From the initial engagement, it was clear that our Partner was in an uncomfortable position and it was critical that we needed to be as effective and efficient as possible. Time was not on our side.

We started with the most obvious bugs. Fixing them and immediately delivering results demonstrated our team’s dedication to the project. Next, we focused on building a better, more stable backend that could be extended upon over time. Finally, we built from scratch, a fully custom CMS so PLC’s instructors could engage with students, grade assignments, and manage courses directly within the application.

After the dust settled and the client relationship was brought back to good terms, we continued to support our Partner and build upon PLC’s goal of transforming the Christian education experience.

See the platform in action here.

Bottomline, when it comes to our Partners, relationships are everything. By maintaining consistent communication, never over-promising, and truly striving to over-deliver, we have been able to create meaningful Partnerships that last for years.

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Technologies Used

Plymouth Leadership College

Pixel perfection, always.


Custom CMS

Custom CMS designed and developed specifically for PLC’s needs.

Online Student Application

All students flow through the application’s online process.

On-demand Courses

Based on student requests, semester scheduling was changed to an on-demand structure.

Increased Exposure

PLC’s exposure significantly increased beyond on-site courses.

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About Us 2-MIN