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Rob Leonard
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Rob Leonard

Managing Director - Tactile


Rob Leonard on How to Create Our Definition of Success


Rob walks us through his professional journey and the valuable lessons that have shaped his definition of success. Throughout the episode, Rob emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating small victories to motivate sales teams. He also offers his unique perspectives on his new role at Tactile, where he combines his expertise in technical sales with the creative elements of product design.


Rob Leonard is a highly accomplished technology and professional services leader with a wealth of experience in product development, medical devices, consumer electronics, aerospace R&D, IoT and edge-computing, and photonics industries. He has held leadership roles in publicly traded and fast-growing privately owned firms. His work has been recognized by organizations such as Inc 500 and Bizjournals.

Rob is also a leader in digital and physical product design and development at Tactile. He is known for his passion for curiosity-driven solutions. His innovative approach to technology sales and product development has led to success in multiple industries.

As an artist, Rob has developed a new artform with his team at Mathscaper, whose work can be seen in the Holter Museum May 26th through July 27th, 2023. Mathscaper’s mission is to express the beauty of mathematics and physics, through art for all.