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Steve Barretto
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Steve Barretto

Founder & Principal - Barretto-Co.


Steve Barretto on Branding: a Path to Change the Name of the Craft


Steve walks us through the journey of the inspiration behind his mission to redefine the term 'brand' due to its historical significance. Throughout the episode, Steve recounts his journey as an underdog and how he landed a job at Apple. He also emphasizes the importance of authenticity and staying true to oneself in the competitive design industry.


Meet Steve Barretto, a branding superstar who has spent decades crafting impactful brand experiences for companies and organizations across multiple industries. From technology and retail to healthcare and the arts, Steve has the expertise and knowledge to elevate your brand and create real value.

What sets Steve apart is his passion for big ideas and his ability to infuse meaning and relevance into human experiences through his expertise in design, writing, photography, and illustration. He is a true leader with extensive experience leading creative teams and managing end-to-end creative processes.